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As news stories covering the Pakistan inundation gets fewer and fewer, Twitter users continue the call for aid.


Visualization by Trendistic, which has been monitoring tweets dealing with the situation in Pakistan. The high point at left relates to the air crash near Islamabad on July 28.


According to Global Voices, an online aggregate site for blogs and social media content, tweets using tags like #Pakistan, #HelpPakistan, and #PKfloods have recently started to rise in numbers as if taking over where professional media have let go.

Some tweets are cries for help. Others are delivering specific instructions for donations. All are reacting to what the UN has described as the region’s worst flooding in 80 years affecting 14 million people and killing at least 1,600.

One example: “4 million children in #Pakistan at grave risk of dying Donate to #UNICEF #HelpPakistan #PKfloods,” writes Twitter user Samancita in one of the 140 character distress calls presently circulating online.

Whether Twitter user are able to affect the collection of donation and rehabilitation efforts remains to be seen. In any case, as was the case with the Haiti Earthquake in early 2010, donators should be careful only to give money to established organizations.


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August 19, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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